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Royal Body Care
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What makes it the best nutritional supplement ever developed?

The revolutionary, cutting edge technology of RBC NanoCeuticals
Immune system support from aloe vera* that has been certified for content and purity by the International Aloe Science Council
The worlds most nutritionally complete food - spirulina
Powerful antioxidants and plant micronutrients including beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, lycopene, lutein and astaxanthin
Natural whole food blend of fruits and vegetables containing blueberry, broccoli, cranberry, grape, kale, raspberry, and spinach
A broad range of legendary herbs including panax ginseng, rhodiola rosea, capsicum, fo-ti, garlic, ginger, golden seal, hawthorn berry, papaya, red fennel, rose hips, sarsaparilla, and uva ursi
Comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals which are essential for human nutrition
Inspired by the work of four nutritional pioneers and backed by 25 years of research

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